COVID Protocols

Self Isolating

Self Isolating – Social Distancing

COVID mitigation policies depend on:

  • The nature of your pet’s visit
  • CDC and PA Department of Health Guidelines
  • Our practice capabilities
  • Local and state case levels

In general, clients are not allowed into the building. Please wear a mask and have your pet either securely leashed or in a carrier.

We understand the general stress and less face time with the veterinarian, along with uncomfortable weather and separation from important family members. Take solace in the fact that most pets are doing extremely well and we have enjoyed the extra time actually spent with THEM! We will also do as much as possible with nervous pets outside while social distancing in a practical manner. Please keep in mind that “flight risk” must also be considered.

Clients that are COVID positive, similarly ill, or potentially exposed should call our office for further guidance instead of showing up in person.

We also ask high-risk families (age, medical conditions, working in health-care/critical occupations) to notify us prior to your appointment.  Thank you for helping to reduce risk for everyone and please remember to wash your hands.

Wash Your Hands