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Self Isolating

At Home – Self Isolating – Social Distancing

Congratulations to Ri, who is now a Certified Veterinary Technician, CVT

Staff and Veterinarian availability has been reduced by the Covid-19 pandemic, but The Burnt Mill Veterinary Center remains open as an Essential Business.  Practice is limited to sick/geriatric animals and time-sensitive preventative care. Appointments will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis.  Please also call to discuss your pet’s needs if an appointment post card is received. We are maintaining a list of calls; routine appointments will be scheduled after social distancing guidelines are relaxed.

Building entry will be on a case-by-case basis.  Exams may be done in the parking lot or in the building while clients wait in their car. Email and telephone will be used more frequently when appropriate.  We also ask high-risk families (age, medical conditions, working in health-care/critical occupations) to notify us prior to your appointment.  Thank you for helping to reduce risk for everyone and please remember to wash your hands.

Unfortunately, Fleas and Ticks do not respect social distancing guidelines.  Canine Nexgard kills ticks quickly and most dogs readily eat it.  3 count boxes are for sale with a 4th free dose provided.  We have been using this product for 6 years on our own dogs and are content with the safety and efficacy.

Revolution Plus is a new topical product for cats that treats fleas, ticks, many intestinal parasites, and ear mites.  It also prevents heartworm infection, which is still rare in the Cumberland Valley, but it is a nice bonus.  Revolution Plus combines the same class of drug that is in the dog Nexgard chewables, along with the original Revolution ingredient (selamectin).  It seems to be working quite well so far! 

Remember to take advantage of a $15 credit placed on a Zoetis “Rewards Card” with every 6 count box purchased.  There is some work on your behalf, but it is a prepaid MasterCard that may be “recharged” with every qualifying Zoetis product purchase.  The card may be used to pay an invoice (for anything) at any veterinary practice in the United States.  This is a long-standing offer from Zoetis:

Wash Your Hands