Closure Notification

Burnt Mill Veterinary Center is permanently closed

Please establish a relationship with a new veterinarian

A list of area veterinarians accepting new patients may be found here. If you elect to have records transferred to one of these clinics, we have their email address.

Phone number 717 423 6536 remains available for records transfer requests or for your new veterinarian to reach Dr. Rhodes for consultation. This contact form is available for general questions or to send Dr Rhodes photos of his favorite patient. You may request records transfer via this form. Response may be delayed and sporadic until about Nov 15 as Dr. Rhodes packs and moves.

Electronic Records will be available for forwarding to your new veterinarian for several years. The website will remain available long term with contact information updated as necessary.

Thank you for 45 years of patronage. I will miss seeing your animals and wish you a similar relationship with your new practice.

Ben J. Rhodes, DVM